Respect For First Nations Traditional Territories

Ice Blink Expeditions recognizes that all of the areas we visit are the traditional territories of different First Nations. In some locations, First Nations still actively use the areas we visit; elsewhere, there is no contemporary use and only archaeological evidence of the paleo-Inuit remain. I work diligently to appreciate and understand the Inuit and paleo-Inuit history of the areas we visit, to share this knowledge with trip participants, and to increase the awareness of the contributions that Canada’s Inuit and paleo-Inuit have made.

Support For Northern Canadian Wilderness Areas

Ice Blink also recognizes that Arctic travel means reliance on public resources – Canada’s pristine northern wilderness. To help maintain that resource, Ice Blink donates one per cent of our gross revenue to organizations that work to protect wilderness in the Canadian north. If you would like your one per cent going to a particular organization, please let me know before you book.

No-Trace Camping

On every trip we diligently practice no-trace camping. We carry out what we carry in and respect the land, water and air. Every aspect of our trips has been considered in order to minimize our impact on the areas we visit.

Carbon Conscious Philosophy

In these carbon conscious days, travel is one of the most carbon consumptive activities we engage in. I hope you will consider carefully what you would like to achieve and experience in your Arctic adventure. I believe it is profoundly satisfying to take fewer, carefully considered, more meaningful trips than frequent dashes hither and yon. Ice Blink is all about the former - with the added benefit that fewer flights north lessens our carbon footprint.