"My wife Shanna and I will be forever grateful to Dave Weir for opening our eyes to the incredible beauty of the Far North with its spectacular scenery, fauna and flora, and to the fascinating cultural history of the people who successfully made it their home. Dave was our guide on several small-group kayaking/hiking explorations in the Canadian Arctic and West Greenland. His inspiring leadership, knowledge and experience, and his infectious enthusiasm even under adverse conditions made these trips unforgettable adventures. Thanks to him, we have been drawn to that region of our planet ever since."
- Al Narath


"You have to go on a trip with Dave Weir! He is an outstanding guide. He offers deep knowledge of wilderness travel, has a good-natured spirit, tells great stories of adventures far and wide and is so confidently competent you will feel safe and secure."
- Alison George


"In July 2011 I took the trip of a lifetime - a kayak trip off the east coast of Ellesmere Island. Dave Weir led that trip, and his care and expertise not only brought all 9 explorers home safe, but made it an unforgettable learning experience. Oh, and the food was great as well!"
- Jim MacSween


"Dave is awesome. I've been on a lot of trips with a lot of different guides. There are very few guides in the world that are in his class. He makes the trips fun and as safe as possible. Whether crossing a river, encountering muskoxen or just heading down a scree slope, there is so much to see in this world and Dave can take you there. I would recommend him to anyone looking for real adventure."
- Michelle Danielson


"I have kayaked on Ellesmere Island, and hiked on Baffin Island with Dave - he does it all. Always the consummate professional and a great cook too. Looking forward to the next northern adventure."
- Mike Jelinski


"Dave is a very competent guide with extensive experience in Canada’s north. We feel that we are in good hands with him when we are camping in remote areas of the arctic. Whether it be a river crossing or an encounter with a wild animal, he handles the situation calmly and with confidence. Dave also ensures that the logistics details are all appropriately taken care of. And each experience adds to the wealth of stories he has to share!"
- Paul and Sue Geirszewski


"My husband and I have been fortunate to have travelled to remote and wilderness areas on all continents (except the Antarctic) and have dealt with many guiding companies over the last 20+ years."

"We first met Dave Weir on a spectacular two week hiking trip in Quttinirpaaq National Park on Ellesmere Island. We were very impressed at Dave’s knowledge of the region and its unique challenges, as well as his creative problem solving. He was able to take a group of people of differing ages and abilities and foster a sense of camaraderie and purpose under trying circumstances, while making it fun as well. Great leadership."

"When we were planning another trip to the Canadian Arctic, this time a private trip to a national park that has not had commercial visitors for five years, we felt completely comfortable trusting Dave with all the arrangements, logistics and guiding services from beginning to end. We knew we were in good hands and would trust Dave completely in arranging future wilderness trips and are very comfortable in highly recommending Dave and his company Ice Blink Expeditions for expert guiding and professional service."
- Drs. Lynn Tomkins and Daniel Kmiecik


"Dave is an exceptional outdoor adventure guide. We met Dave on a challenging hiking trip on Ellesmere Island. He quickly proved himself to be a highly experienced and professional leader with expert wilderness skills, a witty sense of humor, and a wealth of knowledge about all things outdoors. From his medical training and route finding skills, to making an excellent cup of coffee in one of the most remote regions on earth, Dave knows his stuff and does it with a smile and often a funny story. We saw first-hand that Dave is calm, patient, and competent in the face of difficult and unexpected conditions – he is the guy you want standing next to you when things go a little sideways!"
- Sarah and Jason Nate


"My trip to Ellesmere Island was one of the most memorable trips I've taken. In a park the size of Switzerland, with a pristinely raw beauty, there was endless rock, water and ice but we were the only people. Dave was a superb guide throughout two unforgettable weeks. When the city gets to me my memories of Ellesmere help me regain balance."
- Peter Malik


"I have had the pleasure of travelling on 3 separate occasions to the Canadian arctic with Dave Weir. As lead guide, Dave managed all organization and logistics, and provided a combination of outdoor experience, love of the wilderness, utmost professionalism, and a great sense of humour. I would wholeheartedly recommend a guided trip with Ice Blink - they are in a unique position to be able to provide group and bespoke trips that will take travellers well off the beaten path. The scenery will be jaw dropping, the food is always fantastic, and no matter what you are guaranteed an adventure that will stay with you."
- Brian Parkinson


"Our trip to Bylot Island gave all of us the opportunity to feel safe, comfortable and well fed in a remote arctic environment. The things that Dave can do with dried homemade meals are amazing!! While we followed a specific route, Dave was able to keep things flexible enough for birdwatching and other group interests. I would definitely do another northern trip with this guide. Thanks Dave!"
- Julie Bauer


"For years I have travelled widely in the Arctic with many outfitters and different guides and rate Dave Weir of Ice Blink one of the best. With extensive knowledge and experience of the north, you are in good hands on one of Dave’s trips. Food is very tasty and all cooked by Dave with a minimum of fuss and everything is delivered with a good sense of humour and a wide smile!"
- Melanie Wood