Upcoming Trips

Often, my trips are designed to respond to a specific request from a client. Sometimes, they are created for a common interest or ambition. Generally, I don’t repeat the same trips year after year. Here is a glimpse of the possibilities that I see coming up in the next year or two:

Ukkusiksalik National Park

Having completed the first commercial trip to Ukkusiksalik National Park, I am eager to return. I found the landscape to be intriguing and eminently hikable. In particular, I was taken by the waterfalls and the Barrenground Caribou. I am developing plans for a two week backpacking trip in the Park. This will be, I believe, a first of it’s kind. The trip will use air access from Baker Lake and a hiking route of approximately 100 kilometres, likely timed late in July.

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Aulavik National Park

The Thomsen River, in Aulavik National Park on Banks Island, is Canada’s most northerly navigable river. It is famous for its heavy concentration of muskoxen and wolves. The river is non-technical and easily paddled in a canoe or sea kayak. A two week itinerary, in late June or early July, provides ample time for exploratory day hikes. Certainly, high Arctic river paddling at its finest!

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Qausuittuq National Park

Bathurst Island, to the north and west of Resolute, recently became Canada’s newest Arctic national park. It is well known for its population of Peary Caribou, and will represent the central high arctic in the National Parks system. Several sites of archaeological significance have been identified on Bathurst. In 2016, Ice Blink successfully completed the first commercial trip in Qausuittuq.

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Alexandra Fiord

At 79 degrees north latitude, Alexandra Fiord is the quintessential high arctic sea kayaking trip and is dizzyingly remote. Home to Canada's northernmost historic RCMP post, Alex was also (even more significantly) home to a series of paleo-Inuit cultures thousands of years old. Alexandra Fiord reminds us how fleeting European presence is on this continent.

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