Why Choose Ice Blink?

Grey Hair Experience

At Ice Blink, I am the lead guide on all trips, so you can be confident your guide is experienced; I've been guiding since 1987, and in the Arctic since 1999. In fact, the assistant guides on Ice Blink trips are often more experienced than lead guides at other wilderness companies. This is of particular importance in the Arctic when dealing with such remote locations and demanding conditions. Also, folks tell me that they enjoy relating to guides who are closer to their own age.

Consistent Quality

I personally handle all aspects of Ice Blink trips. I will answer your questions, offer advice on the best trip for you, prepare and send you the equipment list, arrange all the logistics, plan and prepare the food, and guide the trip. While this system limits how many trips I can run, it provides a much higher quality and consistent experience for you.

Experienced Risk Management

Arctic trips entail risk. There are times when things do go wrong. At Ice Blink, I manage that risk through training and lots of hard knocks experience. Ice Blink lead and assistant guides know how to act to control and improve difficult situations - we are prepared, trained and experienced in managing tough Arctic environments.

Hands On Planning

Logistics can be the Achilles heel of Arctic trips. My Arctic experience has taught me what to expect and how to plan for the unexpected. I organize all logistics myself, so I am intimately involved in all aspects of our trip plan and can set the stage for success.

Trips Designed For You

Many of my trips are designed to respond to a specific request from a client. I keep tabs on who my clients are, what kind of experience they are interested in, and what fitness level and degree of adventure they enjoy. I work to put together groups with similar expectations and desires then match them to a suitable destination and itinerary.

Canadian Arctic Specialist

Ice Blink specializes in self-propelled trips in the Canadian Arctic. That means Ice Blink has identified exactly what it does best and I continually strive to do it even better.

Delicious Home Made Food

The industry standard is mass preparing and packing food; buying off the shelf products to create a menu. Not me. I dehydrate and prepare meals myself. This allows a much higher level of quality control, creativity, a far more exact portioning system (why carry extra pounds of food only to throw it out), and menus designed specifically for Arctic conditions.

Superior Equipment

Though you are responsible for your personal gear, such as clothing, backpacks, and sleeping bags, Ice Blink supplies the tents, cooking equipment and other group gear. I buy the best gear I can get my hands on - it is the most appropriate equipment for the conditions we are likely to encounter in the Canadian Arctic. Because I am on every trip I ensure the group gear is cared for and kept in top condition.

Fair Pricing

I price my trips on a sliding scale (the more clients, the lower the price) which means that you can be assured that I’m not just trying to shoe horn you onto a trip to maximize my profit. Please inquire about specific trip prices.

Exciting Adventures

Ice Blink trips are real. A lot of trips that I do haven’t been done before – new routes, or perhaps entirely new destinations. I think this, combined with the nature of doing trips in the Arctic, makes my trips a little bit more real – and exciting.